Been too long!

Working six days a week can really take its toll on extracurricular activities, but I’m excited to make a fresh post after a long absence.


Wandering around downtown, I spotted this Beetle go zipping through the business district. Of course, I couldn’t resist capturing it! 


Double shifts are rough, but reparated with double espresso and a nice view of an E30 BMW.


Near the legal district, spotted a Ferrari F355 F1 GTS. Supercar lines in a 90’s package make standout from today’s automotive theme.

A glimpse at a friend of mine’s immaculately restored 240z. “Immaculate” is of course far over utilized in the car world, but the attention to detail is extraordinary. Note the plating on the hood hinges for example.


Sibling Rivalry. Porsche 911SC with a real 930 Turbo in the background.
Stude dude.

All in the Details

All too often in today’s car scene, whoever has the highest dyno numbers, and most expensive brands seem to be all that anyone cares to know anymore.

Taking the time to analyze the details from years past, can be beneficial in the overall understanding of automotive history, and the possibility to give inklings of new ideas that are applicable today.img615












Camera used: Minolta SRT-102  w/ 50mm lens
Film: 35mm Kodak Ektar & Fujicolor

The Analog Stable – 1990 Toyota Cressida MX83

If you’ve been following thus far, it’s rather clear that there’s a heavy influence of all things imported – old Toyota’s in particular. Being a thoroughly Toyota guy, I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to add another slightly esoteric Toyota to my collection.img105.jpg

From 1989 until 1992, the MX83 Cressida held the title of Toyota’s flagship model.


This example’s interior is utterly immaculate, and still quite comfortable for being 26 years old!


With just enough JDM styling to make bystanders question it’s ethnicity, it’s garnered far more head turns than I anticipated!

When was the last time you saw one in the wild??


One of my favorite (and quite Japanese style) touches are these vents. Something about them just seem so right.


An interesting amalgamation of luxury, sport and practicality. Packing a 3.0 liter inline six 7M-GE heart, (the same used in the naturally aspirated MA70 Supra in North America) with DOHC and four valves per cylinder, making it good for 190 bhp and 185, it gives this Grandma some pep!


The adjacent Celica is also mine, but more on that later.

90’s Toyota. “Who could ask for anything more?”

Camera used: 1982 Minolta Hi-Matic AF2. Film used: Fuji Super HG-II Expired 1994.


Porsches in the Wild


Hanging around in on a Friday evening in Hermosa Beach, I happened to spot this 356 Coupe at a stoplight. No idea as to its authenticity, but still awesome to see in the wild.

Porsche, (like VW) have comprised a special niche in Southern California car culture for decades, and are experiencing a massive boom of rejuvenation of appreciation by a new generation of enthusiasts (mostly inspired by that one famous guy).


An early 911, sporting turnk latches that almost allude to the leather straps of years prior.






img657 - Copy



An 80’s 911 prepped to take on some challenges. Note the front splitter and RSR style bumper.


An early Targa with exposed stainless trim band.

Bayern Brawler

img748.jpgOne of the first cars that caught my eye at Supercar Sunday was this little BMW 2002.

Sporting a gorgeous blue coat, and in full period rally trim, made it just that much more lovable.

The BMW 2002 has a rich motorsport heritage and is quickly becoming popular with automotive hipsters and the like.

Fortunately, the owner of this one has a keen eye for historical accuracy, and thankfully didn’t turn it into something it wasn’t meant to be.

Street Spotted: Das Volk!

img688The most stereotypical image of Southern California car culture, is undoubtedly the 1960’s VW bus.

Since it’s inception, it has served in a wide array of duties, ranging from housing for asylum seekers, to surf transport, and probably everything else imaginable.

The bus has long enjoyed a serious cult following, and in recent years, has reveled in a new age of collectibility and renaissance. Some prime examples of these in 23 window bodies, have been known to surpass $100k in the past few years. At the same time, less “desirable” but still holding the awesomely curvaceous styling, is the micro bus seen here, with a street value of under $30k.

With modern minivans ever increasing in price, (over $45k for a Honda Odyssey) this is both a bargain, and a foray into the world of collector cars.

In such stark contrast to the facelessness of modern automotive design, it strikes both fear and intrigue into passers by, as it represents a deviation from the norm.

Safety features and built in navigation be damned, the VW bus is representative of all that is analog and holy, and as such, I’d roll in this any day of the week.

In a quasi foreshadowing, a newer Golf rolls past in the background.


Preserved by the time capsule of arid climate, it has nearly as much luster as day one.

Hakosuka Madness!

img721I awoke promptly at 6:30 am, as my body is trained to, and proceeded to gaze sleepily at my phone for five minutes to see what was going on in the car world. To my pleasant surprise, there was an event called Supercar Sunday starting in an hour. After downing a cup of coffee at a speed surely unhealthy, I lunged into my rental and started up the freeway.

With lightning fast acuity, my eye was caught by a boxy red silhouette – none other than the (now immortalized) Hakosuka Skyline!


The unmolested interior was reminiscent of the general 70’s sports car style, but with it’s own touches of detail.


Period correct decals plastered on the quarter window give an extra dose of authenticity.


Imagine if this car was originally sold in the US…


Two were in attendance – both red, both with deep Watanabe wheels and fender flares, but a different flavor possessed each.


This one sporting a more factory appearance, with a grandson along side.


Skyline sandwich!


Another grandchild was in attendance. Quite a contrast – still complimentary.